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Hi, this is Michael Sidra and Welcome to LeanRhino. I started LeanRhino in order to create a community of like minded food entrepreneurs. Will you join me?


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Food Safety Training

With decades of experience in the food safety world, we’ve developed a unique on-line food safety training program designed to help you build a food safety culture and protect your customers and your brand.

It’s affordable (like really affordable), interactive, fun and very convenient.

It’s also government approved.

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Starting a Food Business


This course is a Practical “hands-on” guide for Starting a Successful Food Business. If you are passionate about food and yearn to create your own business, but aren’t sure where to start – look no further.

“Answered all my questions about starting up a new business” Mary

This course provides you with practical, step-by-step instructions that will teach aspiring food entrepreneurs how to succeed right now;

  • Step-by-Step guidance for taking your idea from concept to market
  • Learn how to identify your customer profile
  • Develop a unique product strategy that makes your business stand out
  • Know if your product will be profitable using the easy to use financial projection spreadsheets
  • Design a practical– no wasting your money – marketing plan
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LeanRhino Offers 8-page Business Plans

Can we really do it, in 8-pages?

Yes. Number of direct and in-direct competitors, size of project, complexity of products and services, mall or high-end rent location, and less favorable locations may require additional pages to justify, explain and define strategic principals to win and dominate market share.

If LeanRhino Expert writes my plan, will I be able to understand and talk about it?

Yes. LeanRhino expert assigned to Your business involves You in discovery process, market analysis, competitive survey and ensures Your full understanding of strategy and numbers behind the revenues, sales, break-even-point, expenses, profits and return-on-investment.

  • Business Plans

  • $899

  • Plan

  • Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Strategy Marketing

  • Commercial Design

  • Products & Services

We use our knowledge, understanding, education and 22 years experience in food business to simplify the complicated so You become a Food-Rocket-Scientist.

  • Yes, even the numbers!
  • Yes, even the strategic principals to winning!
  • Yes, even the how, when, why, where, who of marketing Your business!
  • You will know Your business plan like You know Your favorite recipes, off-by-heart.
  • You will be able to intelligently answer questions and talk about Your plan to anyone.

Ask Yourself this. How do You know a dish needs a little cayenne or salt or anise? Experience. Knowledge of what pairs with what. Experimentation. Innovation. Improvisation. Intuition. You know, because You know, from doing and doing and doing until practice became mastery. Food Experts at LeanRhino are Masters. We know a sprinkle of this, a pinch of that, produces plans that get results.

Our approach is timed to meet your objectives. The bottom line is LeanRhino 8-page business plan gets results. Explore our methodology to discover how thousands of people just like You, have been wowed and achieved results they needed!


“Awesome!  Thanks so much Michael for all your hard work. The plan looks very professional and definitely helped to attract investors!”
Jenny, Tueste Restaurant
“Thanks so much for your help Michael!  Working with you helped me kick start my business!”
Daryl, Food Safety Culture
“Thanks so much for your help with the business plan!  The plan overall was very well done but especially the numbers – they gave me a good understanding of what I need to do to make it work!”
Monica, Monica's Pre-School

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