Michael Sidra

Watching my mom and pop ‘work for the man,’ getting up before light, finishing after dark and never getting ahead didn’t sit right with me – even as a boy. A business needs to make a profit for owners and investors – yes of course – but it also needs to be a place where a loyal person can grow, and earn enough money to raise a family – well. If a business cannot produce enough cash to do both, its not a business – you bought yourself a job.”

Hence why I have been pursuing business since my first lemonade stand at age eight. What works. What doesn’t? What can I learn from my mistakes? It’s what driven me!. It’s why I devour books, attend at and speak in seminars, teach at Concordia, why I completed an MBA degree, and a food safety/public health degree and certification in process controls, and project management and manufacturing HACCP and of course restaurant food safety systems.

I have always been attracted to and worked in the food industry. Cafe’s, restaurants, snack bars, rolling hot-dog stands, food processing, food manufacturing. I’ve been involved with more food establishments – planning, designing, innovating, consulting, teaching, inspecting – than grains of rice in a 25lb pail!

Planning. Consulting. Teaching. We help people, just like, you, put together a plan to open a business – but not just ‘another’ business. A business with soul and purpose and passion – and some of them will go on to change the world.

Want to learn more?  I was interviewed about my passion for food business by Athena Raypold.  Read it here

Talent a la cart

That’s french for – “how you hire the best, but don’t keep them on the payroll in between contracts.” When demand exceeds supply, either price goes up or supply goes up. At LeanRhino we’ve chosen to increase supply.

We pay the food industries best people to work remotely from across the country, and get better rates than you could yourself. Even the most talented people have times when they are overworked and times when they are whistlin dixi.

So we said, hey, in between projects why don’t you work for LeanRhino?” They said, heck ya. A match made in heaven – with you as the beneficiary. We’ve developed relationships so that when they’re not busy, they work on LeanRhino business plans and marketing and franchising, from the comfort of their own office wherever that may be.

We call it ‘plan al dente’, tender but still firm to the bite. You win because an expert is always by your side, LeanRhino wins because we can serve tender, firm plans with bite – no mushy stuff here. Italians love LeanRhino!

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