Don’t Eat Poop!

OK, so I’m sure you’ve heard that hand-washing is a good thing.  It’s also a requirement in most food regulations.  If you are a food business owner or a health-conscious person then you probably want people preparing your food to wash their hands.  Staff that don’t wash their hands […]

3 Ways Food Safety Increases Profits

In my many conversations with food business operators, the topic of food safety costs always seems to come up.  To be fair, food safety is not free; a business must invest time and money to establish a good food safety system.

Typical costs include sending staff to food safety training […]

How to use Food Safety Education to build a Food Safety Culture

It’s no secret that the food industry is ridiculously competitive and that many businesses struggle to survive and be profitable.  Having worked as a public health inspector for many years in Canada, I witnessed many food businesses struggle to consistently maintain high food safety standards.  This often led to […]

Should businesses focus on increasing sales or reducing costs?

Food business owners are often faced with this dilemma – do I focus on increasing sales or do I spend my time on finding ways to reduce my costs?  In-fact this is one of the biggest balancing acts (by-far not the only one) that food entrepreneurs face.

Looking at the […]

Why would anyone want to start a restaurant?

Having been around literally thousands of food businesses from large scale food manufacturers, restaurants of all sizes, food trucks, and even convenience stores, I often found myself wondering why would anyone start a food business.  It’s not that these food businesses were horrible, the majority were run by honest, […]

Food Business – Jay’s success story

If you’re starting a new food business, no doubt you’ve  dreamed of an amazing start!  Who wouldn’t want to have their business blow up at the start, pick up some momentum and quickly become profitable.  Here’s a very short story about a food business that did just that…


Two fish and […]

Groupon is not a marketing strategy – The effect of discounting on business

I’ve had a few conversations lately with several business owners who were considering discounting or reducing their prices as a strategy to increase sales.  With the popularity of discount websites such as Groupon, Daily Deals, Living Social and others,
businesses are looking to these sites to help increase their sales. […]

Why write a business plan

Every business would benefit from an effective business plan.  If you are starting a business, growing a business, launching a new product or purchasing an already existing business, doing a business plan can save you thousands of dollars, and a lot of hair pulling and head scratching.
Someone once explained […]

LeanRhino – all about the name



I get asked quite often why I chose the name LeanRhino for a business plan service.  Wouldn’t it make sense to just call it something like Michael’s Business Plan Services OR “The World’s Best Business Plan Service”?  I guess, but the name LeanRhino says much more than that – […]

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Writing a Food Truck Business Plan

Tis the season!  No not Christmas, it is the season for food trucks.  It is getting hotter here and that means food trucks are out serving their customers and making the most of the summer days.  If you’re a foodie, you may have thought about opening your own food […]