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I get asked quite often why I chose the name LeanRhino for a business plan service.  Wouldn’t it make sense to just call it something like Michael’s Business Plan Services OR “The World’s Best Business Plan Service”?  I guess, but the name LeanRhino says much more than that – […]

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Writing a Food Truck Business Plan

Tis the season!  No not Christmas, it is the season for food trucks.  It is getting hotter here and that means food trucks are out serving their customers and making the most of the summer days.  If you’re a foodie, you may have thought about opening your own food […]

Business Proposals

I am very excited to have just finished a marketing proposal for a new and innovative marketing company!  Working on any project is always exciting and full of new learnings.  Here are some things to keep in mind when putting together a business proposal;

It pays to make them short. […]

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LeanRhino Featured

Recently LeanRhino was featured on – Here is the interview,

With over 10 years of experience in professional and business report writing, and a Masters in Business Administration from one of the top universities in Canada, Michael Sidra decided to start Rhino is a service that delivers business plans, […]

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Do 8 Page Business Plans Work?

Does an 8-page business plan work to get a loan or raise capital for a business start-up. The short answer is YES! An 8-page business plan will absolutely work to get loans and raise capital as long as the critical information is written into the plan.

We have spoken to […]

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Why a business plan

You sometimes hear of entrepreneurs who claim to have started and orchestrated ridiculously successful businesses without a business plan. So is it possible to start a business without a business plan and still succeed? Do those entrepreneurs know something we don’t?

The answer to both those questions is NO! That’s […]

The Vision

Why do we exist? Every business needs to ask this question. The answer to this question is the vision for the business. At Lean Rhino our answer is simple:

To be the number one Business Planning – virtual consulting firm by providing exceptional value for our customers!

Do you have a […]