Training Your Staff

Information on training your staff.

Preventing Foodborne Illnesses at Festival

You may have heard about the food-borne illnesses linked to the Edmonton Folk Fest Festival (Click here to read the news article).  Unfortunately, I’ve seen and read about many different food-borne outbreaks originating from festivals.  Special events or festivals like the Folk Fest are very common and can be […]

Food Safety and Home Based Businesses

Have you ever made something so delicious that everyone around you, after licking their fingers clean, said – you should sell this?  Many famous brands started with an old family recipe and a home-based operation before moving into a commercial kitchen.

In Alberta, a home-based business is still required to […]

3 Ways Food Safety Increases Profits

In my many conversations with food business operators, the topic of food safety costs always seems to come up.  To be fair, food safety is not free; a business must invest time and money to establish a good food safety system.

Typical costs include sending staff to food safety training […]

How to use Food Safety Education to build a Food Safety Culture

It’s no secret that the food industry is ridiculously competitive and that many businesses struggle to survive and be profitable.  Having worked as a public health inspector for many years in Canada, I witnessed many food businesses struggle to consistently maintain high food safety standards.  This often led to […]