What is included with the course fees?

The short answer is everything you need to be certified! While others charge extra for things like manuals and tests, that’s all included in our pricing.  Here’s what you get;

  • Expert Instruction with over a decade of experience in food safety
  • Printed Manual (over 100 pages)
  • Exam fees included
  • Certificate of successful completion – digital and printed
  • Your questions answered – even after the course you can contact us and ask us any food safety question – we’d love to help!
  • Information on how to build a food safety culture and protect your brand

What else do you need? Contact us!

What do I have to get to pass the exam?

The passing grade for the exam is 70%. We are very confident that you will be able to pass the exam.  We always aim to make sure our classes are clear, focused and fun.

We are so confident you will pass the exam that if you don’t, we will enrol you in our online classroom and allow you to take the test again – all free of charge.

Is there a difference in the material taught in the online course vs. the classroom course?

No there is no difference! The two courses have the same content. Some people prefer to learn in the classroom while others prefer to learn in their underwear in bed – either way we’ve got you covered.

Who should take this course?
  • In a nutshell – everyone that works in a food facility. This course meets Section 31 requirement in the Alberta Food Regulation.
Can I book Michael to do training for my business?

Yes! Michael has worked with hundreds of food businesses and can do training specific for your business or franchise. He is also an expert on HACCP systems and modified HACCP programs so if food safety is what you are looking for – go no further.

Contact Michael!

How does a name like LeanRhino relate to food safety?

LeanRhino is a name and brand that represents what we want do to give back to the food industry. In order to succeed, food businesses need to be agile, not wasteful (hence the Lean part of the name) and diligent to protect their customers and brand. In many ways this is similar to the magnificent creatures called Rhinos:

  • Rhinos seem like slow, lumbering beasts, but can actually run between thirty to forty miles-per-hour.
  • Every successful Big business started small, but they didn’t stay small.
  • Despite weighing in between two to three tons, Rhino’s can jump and change directions quickly.
  • Big business that continually reinvent themselves stay big, by acting small.
  • Rhinos have poor eyesight but excellent sense of smell and hearing.

Too many business owners only see what they want to see. Sniffing and listening turns up more opportunities and customers.
A group of rhinos is called a “crash.”

So is too many businesses with no differing factor, other than lower price. The reason all the chain restaurants huddle together on corners of an intersection is because it works. The reasons chain restaurants are successful is consistency – customers often accept less taste and less guest experience over receiving consistency – you need to offer something new…
Rhinoceros skin is very thick, up to one and a half cm.

The more successful your business, the more that comes against you. Expect it. Don’t worry about it and don’t fight them. Spend all your time and energy and money on delighting the customers you already have and they will bring you more business than you can handle. The whiners & complainers die eventually.

Rhino’s often cover themselves in mud to protect their skin from insects and the sun.

There is a time for camouflage. You don’t have to yell an scream. Build a exceptional product and service and let the wowed customers do all the promotion for you. People believe what their friends tell them and recommended to them…its better to sell then to yell.

So now that you know a little about the name LeanRhino, we also called our food safety course, Food Safety Leaders because without strong leadership, a food safety culture is no possible.

Why should I use Lean Rhino for my food safety training?

Your food business is important to you – it’s important to your family and it’s important to your community so when you are looking for the best food safety training for you and/or your employees, why not go with the experts. The single biggest difference between a successful business and one that doesn’t make it is leadership.

To us, leadership means an unwavering commitment to food safety, great food and expert business management.

Surviving and thriving as an entrepreneur requires leadership – our Food Safety Leaders course gives you the tools to be lean, efficient and effective in building your company culture.

Michael is committed to teaching and doing whatever it takes to help you succeed. Contact Michael.