Do you offer other services?

Yes, we love food business.  We can help with;

  • Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  • People Strategy
  • Franchising and operations support
  • Restaurant improvement projects,
  • Food safety program set up
  • Manufacturing improvement projects,
  • Speaking events

What do you need? Contact us!

Can I write the business plan myself?

Yes, for $1299 we will help you write plan yourself. Of course it makes more sense to hire us for $899.

What’s included in the business plan?

Every business plan is different and customized for your needs.  Here are some typical sections covered in the Lean Rhino business plans;

  • Plan – how you will go from A to B
  • Strategy – how you will overcome challenges/comp. to stay on course to B.
  • Competitor analysis – How you will use comp. weakness as your strength, how create new category that you can be first in
  • Products and services – how is your business different, why customers will care, what do you do better, cheaper bigger smaller taller more of less of
  • Strategic Marketing plan – how to turn advertising expense into business profits
  • Financial forecast – realistic numbers and financial targets you can hit and back-up plans for Murphy
How does it work and how long will it take to get my business plan completed?
  • Nothing changes until action is taken, A lot of people talk about business, fewer get something started. Fill out the form; we’ll get back to you in two business days or less.
  • We are not going to send you a canned plan you will participate in discovery, competitive landscape surveys, and research. Our goal is for you to understand your business and strategy – after all it is you that will be the one making it happen
  • We put a draft of the plan together and set up a time to review it with you,
  • Up to this point the time frame depends on how long it takes you and our team to put the information together but typically anywhere between two to four weeks,
  • We work with you so you understand and believe in the plan and get excited to get going.
  • Our designers, format it and give you a professionally finished plan,
How much do you charge for a business plan?

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss $699 bucks goodbye!

When $699 turns into $10,000’s & $100,000’s in profits for your business, it will seem like too little.

This is one of those things that is almost too good to be true, but it is. 

How does a name like LeanRhino relate to business?
  • Rhinos seem like slow, lumbering beasts, but can actually run between thirty to forty miles-per-hour.
  • Every successful Big business started small, but they didn’t stay small.
  • Despite weighing in between two to three tons, Rhino’s can jump and change directions quickly.
  • Big business that continually reinvent themselves stay big, by acting small.
  • Rhinos have poor eyesight but excellent sense of smell and hearing.

Too many business owners only see what they want to see. Sniffing and listening turns up more opportunities and customers.
A group of rhinos is called a “crash.”

So is too many businesses with no differing factor, other than lower price. The reason all the chain restaurants huddle together on corners of an intersection is because it works. The reasons chain restaurants are successful is consistency – customers often accept less taste and less guest experience over receiving consistency – you need to offer something new…
Rhinoceros skin is very thick, up to one and a half cm.

The more successful your business, the more that comes against you. Expect it. Don’t worry about it and don’t fight them. Spend all your time and energy and money on delighting the customers you already have and they will bring you more business than you can handle. The whiners & complainers die eventually.

Rhino’s often cover themselves in mud to protect their skin from insects and the sun.

There is a time for camouflage. You don’t have to yell an scream. Build a exceptional product and service and let the wowed customers do all the promotion for you. People believe what their friends tell them and recommended to them…its better to sell then to yell.

Why should I use Lean Rhino for my business plan?
  1. 1. You don’t know when to quit.The business plan gets you what you want – bankers, investors, partners, landlords, and staff onboard with what you are doing. Shows them how its all going to work and why, then gets them excited to participate. That’s just the start;

    The single biggest difference between a successful business and one that doesn’t make it is tenacity. The ability to continue to work and change and adapt until you find a way to reach people not doing business with you and mould them into raving fan, loyal, repeat customers.  This is different than doing the same thing over and over and hoping this time things will work out differently (tenacity versus persistence).

    Entrepreneurs are crazy, not insane.

  2.  You’re crazy just like us.

    Noah didn’t know how to build a boat, gather animals or run a floating zoo, but he grabbed a hammer and a saw and went to work. His neighbors were right, Noah was a little nuts.

    Entrepreneurs are a little nuts.

    They look at a run-down little shop and see a great place to build a restaurant. They look at people others overlooked and see future managers. They look at the competition and see a potential market they missed.

    Most of the successful entrepreneurs I know, are a little nuts.

  3. You’re a little arrogant.

    Nehemiah had the audacity to believe that a ragtag group of rejects could be turned into a top-notch building crew. He thought this newly assembled crew could rebuild a massive wall, that laid in ruins for 70 years, in a matter of weeks. And Nehemiah thought he was just the man to lead the project.

    An entrepreneur goes to an area where dozens of businesses with massive budgets and bloated staffs are slowly dying, an area where a dozen leaders before him have failed to build a sustainable business. He looks at the dismal statistics and says, “I can do this.” Sam built his first mart store in the sticks…and now he has more square footage in retail space than any other store in the world.

    Surviving as an entrepreneur requires a little arrogance.