If you’re starting a new food business, no doubt you’ve  dreamed of an amazing start!  Who wouldn’t want to have their business blow up at the start, pick up some momentum and quickly become profitable.  Here’s a very short story about a food business that did just that…


Two fish and a side of chips to go – Jay yells at the boys!  It’s lunch hour at the Caribbean tasty parlour and Jay is running off his feet.  The line ups are around the corner and down the street, food is going out faster than the guys can make it – people are waiting up to an hour in line just to get a taste of the amazing food.  If you spoke to Jay less than a year ago, you’d never have guessed that he is the owner of this phenomenal Caribbean style business, literally blowing up.  It has been featured on “you gotta eat here” TV show, has hundreds of Facebook fans and raving super-fans that say things like “this is the best taco I have ever had”!


Less than a year ago, Jay had a full time welding job and was focused on helping raise money for his favorite charity.  While visiting the Caribbean, Jay found the recipes to his now famous fish dish and other Caribbean style dishes while helping locals on one of his “helping” trips.  Shortly afterwards, Jay and a few hard working youths decided to replicate the Caribbean dishes as a fundraiser for their next trip.  The fundraiser was a HUGE success!  He literally sold out of all the food he made and had to turn people away – “they were angry when we ran out of food, said Jay.  That was enough to convince him to give it a try and start his Caribbean style business.


Jay found a small location near a well trafficked area.  It wasn’t huge but the rent was right.  He started a Facebook page and began getting “likes” and leveraging the success of his fundraiser to attract attention to his new start up.  Having to put his house as collateral, Jay borrowed some seed money from the bank to get his  business off the ground.


Jay’s Caribbean style parlour started with a bang as it rocketed to success!  The business is over a year old now and growth is still very strong.  All financials are above what most established food businesses accomplish and Jay is literally run off his feet – and loving every minute of it!


As you can see from this story, Jay’s fundraiser was the “market research” for his products.  It was obvious from that fundraiser that there was local demand for his business.  First rule of any successful business – though shall have a product that the people LOVE!  A secondary reason for Jay’s success was his methodical approach to the start of his business literally planning every detail of the start-up.


But – where does he go from here?

What are some options that Jay has in order to grow his business, reduce his working hours and increase his profits?


We’ll answer that at our next blog post – Meanwhile if you know the answer(s) write them in the comment box – We’d love to hear them!