airplaneMany people cannot relate to immigrating to a new country. They can imagine the challenges and difficulties of learning a new language, a new culture, earning a living, finding places to belong…but they don’t experience it way down deep like you do, when it’s you.

I was 10, my sister 8. Ever felt alone in a crowd? That’s how it felt at first – the first couple of years in Canada are still a blurrrrr. The struggle to fit in, everything so new, so different and the overwhelming yearning to just go home.

Tenacity – that unwillingness to give up, became the family motto. Until finally, things got easier, more fun and finally exciting. There is lots of opportunity here – we can help you find it.

If you are a new-comer, new to the language and culture and the way things are done around here…I’d like to introduce myself…”Hi I’m Michael Sidra, welcome!. I know what you are going through…because I lived it.”

If you are thinking about opening a business or buying an existing business I want to help you. I can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of your time by guiding you through the processes. It would have been so comforting for someone to have done this for us…now you understand my motives.

There is a lot to do, we can help…from getting legally registered, protecting names, ideas, trademarks, and developing plan, location, lease, suppliers, business strategy, and communicating marketing in a way people understand your products and services.

The initial consultation is FREE, you have much to gain and nothing to loose.

I’m sold, Get Started!